VViViD+ Ultimate Tints Super Light Smoke Headlight Taillight Tint Vinyl Wrap

VViViD+ Ultimate Tints Super Light Smoke Headlight Taillight Tint Vinyl Wrap

VViViD+ Ultimate tints were produced with one goal in mind; to make the best headlight tints available. These films are the result of VViViD listening to your feedback and refining our product over many years, until we produced a tint that literally cannot be bettered. Ultimate Tint’s extreme high-gloss finish easily rivals industry-leading gloss paints, helped by an air-release so fine it literally vanishes during post-heating, completely eliminating any ‘orange-peel’ effect. With more stretch than ever before, Ultimate Tint conforms easily to difficult shapes, taking the hard work out of wrapping. VViViD’s Ultra-Clear adhesive ensures maximum headlight brightness, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety and visibility. Ultimate tint comes with a flexible cap which will stretch with the film as you install it, protecting it from scratches and finger-prints. Remove the cap after application, to reveal a beautiful finish, superior in every way to previously existing headlight wraps. You spoke. We listened. Now experience the headlight tints you always wanted. VViViD+ Ultimate Tints

Features of VViViD+ Ultimate Tints

  • ULTIMATE GLOSS: By far the glossiest headlight tints modern technology can produce, with a finish that rivals the best gloss paint
  • ULTIMATE CLARITY: More visible light transmission than has previously been possible in a Smoke headlight tint. Now you can stay safe on the road, without compromising on style
  • ULTIMATE USABILITY: Easier to stretch, conform and reposition than ever before. VViViD’s protective cap preserves the vinyl’s pristine appearance throughout the installation
  • NANO AIR-RELEASE: Dry install, quickly and easily. Apply heat and see the micro air-release pattern literally vanish, leaving a gloss finish so smooth, you’ll swear it’s paint
  • ULTRA-CLEAR ADHESVE: VViViD’s hardened acrylic adhesive ensures maximum headlight brightness, without damaging surfaces or coatings like other adhesives on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install VViViD+ Ultimate Tints myself?

Yes, VViViD+ Ultimate Tints are designed for easy installation. With the stretchability and conformability of the film, you can achieve a professional-looking result even without prior experience.

2. Will the tint affect the brightness of my headlights?

No, VViViD’s Ultra-Clear adhesive ensures maximum headlight brightness. You can enjoy the style of tinted headlights without compromising on safety and visibility.

3. How long will the tint last?

VViViD+ Ultimate Tints are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. With proper installation and care, the tint can last for several years.


Experience the ultimate headlight tints with VViViD+ Ultimate Tints. These high-quality tints offer a glossy finish, superior clarity, and easy installation. Stay safe on the road without compromising on style. Upgrade your headlights with VViViD+ Ultimate Tints today.